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"We don't go to work we go to War!"

Full service structure treatments include indoor and outdoor applications as well as crawlspace service. We use our high pressure sprayer on the exterior of the building applying to all cracks and crevices areas such as, eves, soffits ,ventilation, and foundation. We use a low pressure backpack sprayer for interior applications which include all baseboards, window sills, and doors for additional protection. We can service all sheds,detached garages, or any outbuilding in the same fashion for an additional charge for product used. We do not service food preparation surfaces, clothing, bedding, walls, ceiling, inside cupboards unless recommended or requested.

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Insect Control

Servicing a wide variety of insects to make indoor living more enjoyable. Spiders, ants, wasps, earwigs, flies,mites,boxelder, millipedes, bedbugs, springtails, beetles and much more.

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Humane Bird Solutions

We can install bird deterrent spikes to prevent roosting and dropping buildup. We DO NOT offer services for woodpeckers in accordance to Montana laws and species protection orders.

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Rodent Control/Abatement

Mice solutions are serviced with a combination of indoor traps and outdoor locking bait stations.Outdoor statons are tamper resistant and can lock to prevent non target rodents and animals from accessing rodenticide bait directly.Single or multiple catch indoor traps are also available. 

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Crawlspace Web Clean Out

Have your crawlspace under your house serviced to prevent high activity indoors. This includes full interior foundations, floor joists, and floor broadcast applications.

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Insect Identification

Unsure of what's bugging you? Drop off a sample of the insect to our office and we can identify and recommend the best options for treatment.

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Pocket Gopher Solutions

Treatment includes bait delivery directly in the ground into man tunnel systems.No exposure to other animals and pets.

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General Inspections

Have your home inspected for insect and rodent activity. We thoroughly inspect exterior and interior areas including crawlspace for a large variety of pest including termites.A recommended treatment program will follow.

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Hornet Nest Removal 

Whether a troublesome nest is in a tree or in the wall, we can do it all! Call and set up a removal TODAY!

For other questions, concerns or pricing please call the office 
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