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Our Company
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Our Mission

As we make this journey together, let our primary objectives at Bug Off Pest Control and Tree service be:

  •  To embody the ideas of an industry leader by providing careful, conscientious, professional pest, rodent and tree management solutions.

  •  To conduct business in a manner which demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

  •  To make Customer Satisfaction our top priority.

  •  To promote the professional and personal development of each of our associates.

  •  To achieve corporate growth objectives.

While the above is our mission statement, and we are proud of it, we often use a shortened version of four simple
and powerful words organized in specific order to allow everyone to understand our mission.                                                  Integrity, Service, Growth and Honesty

Our Philosophy

Fair Treatment for all team members
At Bug Off Pest Control and Tree Service, we recognize the importance of our team members and regard them as our greatest assets. With that philosophy in mind, we have developed the following employee relations policy:

We believe in...


  • Treating each team member as an individual. Your rights are respected with courtesy, dignity consideration.

  • The value of cooperative, well trained, efficient and loyal people working together for the benefit of each other and Bug Off Pest Control and Tree Service.

  • Providing fair wages, satisfactory employment and good working conditions.

  • Frank and open discussions of any problems and/or misunderstandings.

Join Our Team!

Bug Off Pest Control and Tree Service conducts its business operations in a professional, efficient, ethical and resourceful manner. This makes the Company strong and contributes to the excellent reputation which we enjoy. A progressive, well respected Company can offer the best working relationship of its team members—good pay, good benefits, good working
conditions and a good opportunity for professional growth and job satisfaction.

The loyalty and the reliable work performance of the Bug Off Pest Control and Tree Service Team has been a huge factor in the success of the Company. We consider our team members to be our most valuable and important assets. It is our hope that our
association with you will be satisfying and rewarding and you will strive daily to improve your professionalism with
Bug Off Pest Control and Tree Service Team by providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

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