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Policies and Procedures
Rain Day Protocol 

Since our product contains a sticking agent, manufactured within it, it will withstand rain after servicing, however, we do not service outside of structures at the time of service if it is raining. The product needs time to dry completely to adhere to a surface. At the time of the scheduled appointment technicians will service all of the interior including crawlspaces. Exterior will be serviced on  the next available dry day at the technicians convenience unless prior arrangements have been made. Clients do not need to be present at time of exterior service.

Recommended Services 

We recommend servicing 3-4 times per season (April-October) depending on the desired control level you would like to establish. Our product tends to have a 30-90 day residual,(dependent on weather and cleaning rituals).

Before and After Service
Aerial View of Luxurious Homes

Things to keep in mind  before and after servicing: All new construction needs to be completed prior to servicing including Painting or Staining inside & outside, power-washing or steam-cleaning will cover up or remove our product. Sprinklers hitting the outside of your home will wear down the product faster as well. Have windows cleaned after our service. We have the ability to dial back our pressure systems and can avoid windows if needed but this needs to be told to the technician prior to servicing.

Water Sources

Our Product will affect aquatic life. We suggest covering all indoor fish tanks when servicing. We DO NOT service around any water sources including ponds, streams, ditches or rivers.





We also DO NOT service near any honey bee

colonies- We LIKE them!

Cancellation Policy
Residential District

Cancellation Policy: A 24 hour notice is required prior to scheduled appointment. Should you need to cancel the day of your appointment you will be charged a $30.00 cancellation fee. If you forget your appointment, we will service the outside of your home and you will be billed for a full service. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter as this is a very time sensitive business. 

Cancellation Fee $30                            

Return Check Fee: $25.00 

Bedbug Policy
Bedside Flowers

Step 1: Schedule a consultation service call/inspection to identify and go over treatment and application processes.

Step 2: Depending on consultation results please see attached homeowner preparation list for treatment.

Step 3: Treatment 1 will take place.

Step 4: Treatment 2 will take place approx. (2-3) weeks after first treatment.

**Note Results may vary on client preparation**

Print Bedbug Preparation Checklist here 



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